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Most of my research focuses on various issues in normative ethics. In particular I work on problems in the ethics of distribution and in population ethics. Many of these have to do with risk and uncertainty, aggregation, and equality. I also think about some issues in political philosophy, practical ethics, and decision theory. Please message me for any of the working papers.



DPhil (PhD) Thesis

Working Papers

  • A paper on healthcare prioritisation

  • A paper on population ethics

  • A paper on aggregation

  • A paper on ethics and risk

  • A paper on relational ethics

​​Recent Talks

  • Relational Ethics and Future People (Workshop on Longtermism and Non-Consequentialist Moral Philosophy, Oxford, 2022)

  • The Limits of Relational Ethics (LMU Workshop on Relational Ethics, Munich, 2022)

  • (How) Can We Extend Contractualism to Conditions of Risk (Research Seminar in Practical Philosophy, Munich, 2022)

  • Prioritizing the Young (Research Seminar in Political Philosophy, Munich 2021)

  • Impersonal Goodness, Personal Complaints (Research Seminar in Practical Philosophy, Munich, 2021)

  • Pluralist Population Ethics and the Obligation to Create People (Society for Applied Philosophy, Cardiff, 2019)

  • Aggregation and Equality (Formal Ethics Conference, Ghent, 2019)

  • Aggregation with Constraints (CEPPA Graduate Conference, St. Andrews, 2018)

  • Limited Aggregation, Contractualism and Risk (European Society for Analytic Philosophy, Munich, 2017)

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