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My research focuses on various issues in normative and applied ethics. In particular, I work on problems in the ethics of distribution and in population ethics. Many of these concern risk and uncertainty, aggregation, and equality. This research has practical applications in areas such as climate change policy and emerging technologies. Currently, I am working on a project concerning artificial intelligence and distributive justice

​​Some Recent Talks

  • A Weak Asymmetry in Population Ethics (Research Colloquium, Konstanz, 2023)

  • Prioritizing the Young (German Society for Analytical Philosophy, Berlin, 2022)

  • Relational Ethics and Future People (Workshop on Longtermism and Non-Consequentialist Moral Philosophy, Oxford, 2022)

  • The Limits of Relational Ethics (LMU Workshop on Relational Ethics, Munich, 2022)

  • (How) Can We Extend Contractualism to Conditions of Risk (Research Seminar in Practical Philosophy, Munich, 2022)

  • Prioritizing the Young (Research Seminar in Political Philosophy, Munich 2021)

  • Impersonal Goodness, Personal Complaints (Research Seminar in Practical Philosophy, Munich, 2021)

  • Pluralist Population Ethics and the Obligation to Create People (Society for Applied Philosophy, Cardiff, 2019)

  • Aggregation and Equality (Formal Ethics Conference, Ghent, 2019)

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